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This privacy policy describes who, for which purposes and in which ways processes personal data collected on this website. This document describes ways on which gathered personal data is shared and how it is protected so the Data Subjects can ralize their rights granted to them by General Data Protection Regulation (from now on "GDPR").

Orion d.o.o. is obliged to protect the privacy of all its customers. We gather only necessary, basic personal data of our customers only for the purpose of communication and only if your contact us with questions, suggestions or objections regarding our products or regarding our business. All data about our customers is kept safely and are avaliable only to employees who require the aforementioned data to be able to do their jobs according to the law or to fulfill the purpose that you contacted us for. All Orion d.o.o. employees and business parters are responsible and must respect these privacy principles.

Data Controller is our company, Orion d.o.o.

Our Data Protection Officer is: Barbara Martinčić, employee of Orion d.o.o.


We collect and process only those personal data that you have given us in the contact form:

  • forename,
  • surname,
  • email

and only for the purpose that we were contacted for. By sending the message using our contact for you have given a consent for gathering and processing of only neccessary data so we could identify you as a person and in order to complete the purpose you contacted us for. Legal basis for processing of these data is article 6., paragraph 1., point (b) of GDPR (processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is party or in order to take steps at the request of the data subject prior to entering into a contract). If you mention any other personal data in the contact form that we have not directly asked from you, you explicitly give us your consent to process these data as well but only in order to fulfill the purpose you contacted us for.

Aforementioned personal data is not kept in the database, but in a form of an email. We do not do any analytical processing of these data nor do we do any profiling upon them.

In order to deliver functionality of our website, we use third party services that in the within this contract are Data Processors.

Our website, as an information system, is located at one or more hosting companies inside European Union. Only in the case of data breach, unauthorized access or data infringement we will give these Data Processors access to our website and data within in order to ensure safety of personal data and their recovery.

Data Controller will not, in any given moment, without prior consent, give personal data to any other Data Processor that is not defined in aforementioned paragraphs.

Data Controller will not, in any given moment, without prior consent, give personal data to any other third party that is not defined in aforementioned paragraphs.

We store the data sent using contact form for up to 2 years. If the purpose and the nature of contact message requires for a longer period of data storing, we will store that data for a longer period only for that specific purpose. After the end of the defined perion, your personal data will be safely destroyed.

Data Subject may use the contact form down below to contact us on any matter regarding their rights granted by GDPR:

RIGHT OF ACCESS - Article 15. of GDPR
RIGHT TO OBJECT - Article 20. of GDPR


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Data Protection Officer of Orion d.o.o.

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