Orion d.o.o. has been established in 1994. as a private family company. In the very beginning it was a distributor of confectionaery products and fireworks.

During the following years we have specalized in distribution of party pyrotechnics, fireworks and scene effects. Our long lasting experience and work in the field of pyrotechnics has combined all the segments that assure that we deliver quality, safety and the best choice for every pyrofan, especially in the field of public fireworks and scene effects.

By building an regional distribution center for party pyrotechnics and fireworks with our own fleet we assure fast and quality delivery. With our storage capacities we satisfy the needs of domestic and international markets. Today we are present not only in Croatia, but also on the markets of Slovenia, Bosnia and Serbia.


For more than 20 years we have been distributin only the top quality fireworks products throghout Europe. Our products are symbols of quality and safety that we guarantee with our numerous patents and acknowledgments.


Our products under brand ORION PIROTEHNIKA are a result of cooperation with finest of the producers with long tradition of fireworks products production based in China. Systematic control of raw materials and control examination of products during production process and before delivery to market are a guarantee of quality and safety of our complete products catalogue. All our products are produced in accordance with EN norms, i.e. they are produced according to requlations and laws of countries of European Union. ORION PIROTEHNIKA products are protected by Croatian State Intellectual Property Office and on international scale. Our complete catalogue has CE certificate which means that our products fit requirements for safety, property protecion, animal protection and human health protection, environment preservation and public interest protection according to EU directives of "new approach";

Our main gaol is to keep delivering quality and safety of our products and to spread our product catalogue in accordance with market needs, to research and deliver top quality and design to our consumers. We parallely work on research and development of new production processes and improvement of existing ones according to our consumers' needs and in cooperation with experts.

With our product catalogue we have been present on Croatian fireworks market in the largest retail chains, supermarkets and private stores where in accordance with laws our products are sold. We also cover a vast majority of Croatian market with pyrotechnical products which can only be sold between 15th December and 1st of January through our network of more than 250 specialized stores under label ORION PYROSHOP.

Our brand ORION PIROTEHNIKA is present on the Croatian, Slovenian, Bosnian and Serbian market.